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The all new hiring platform that allows you to recruit the best talent in the quickest time, with the least stress whilst managing costs effectively.

The tech part – our tech allows you to manage your whole recruitment process and agency partners in one organised place. With a notification centre, messaging boards, candidate funnels and live time agency performance data, recruitment is made easy!

The agency part – tap into our network of 100’s of specialist agencies to achieve your growth plans. Best bit is you only have to sign one set of terms and you get to choose the terms so no more time wasted negotiating.


We help businesses manage costs on their agency spend

We have access to a much wider range of quality candidates

We'll help to fill positions for you in a much quicker time frame

No more energy wasted on negotiating terms, admin and finance.

Who is this for?

TF Niche

For any business who has 1-10 vacancies or a couple of super niche, hard to fill vacancies.

We discuss your terms which are added to Talent Fuel, we discuss how you want your personal recruiting platform to look and we assign 5-10 of the best quality agencies in your field to source your roles. All on your terms. No hassle, good price, amazing applications.


TF Scale

For any business who are looking for around 10-70 hires in the coming year.

We can work alongside your PSL, but don’t be surprised if we outperform your PSL and for less of the price. We discuss your terms which are added to Talent Fuel, we discuss how you want your personal recruiting platform to look and we assign some of our best agencies who are experienced in scaling businesses who understand the pressures and challenges that come with scaling and the type of candidates they need to find. We are also able to easily incorporate any soliciting agencies that are pitching to work with you into the Talent Fuel system and you are able to see the best candidates from there too.

TF Mass

Mainly for businesses who are hiring 70+ vacancies where roles are critical and the business needs these positions filled.

We discuss your terms which are added to Talent Fuel, we discuss how you want your personal recruiting platform to look and we utilise the vast amount of recruiters in our network to make sure that you have the best candidates.

We do this in an unbelievably quick time to make sure that hiring is not a burden for the business moving forward and that you can fill these role straight away. 

Our global network of recruiters can cover all sides of the globe and at mass. All in one place and all under one set of conditions.. leaving you with a huge pool of quality candidates.

step 4

TF Diversify

For any size business, but for those companies who are looking to diversify their talent pools.

Diversity and Inclusion is one of (if not) the hottest topics around recruitment and we are able to utilise recruiters/companies that specialise or have divisions focusing on diversity and inclusion.

There may be businesses that are trying to recruit internally, but will be open to using agencies if we can diversify talent pools. Which is something we can do.

The Value of Talent Fuel

Manage Costs

You decide the fee and terms you work by. You have the power to control your spending, there is no more negotiating with many agencies and with this freedom you are not tied in to a certain fee with any one agency.

Top quality agencies and candidates

All agencies are vetted by us and have to pass their “agency MOT” before being presented to you for access to your roles, keeping the quality of candidates high.

Save time & work smart

No more time wasted on admin, negotiating terms or dealing with unsolicited emails/calls. We can eliminate all of this and turn it all in to a marketplace of digital CV’s for you to shop around.

Diversify your talent

DE&I is a huge topic right now. With specialist diversity agencies in our network as TF partners, we can ensure you are seeing more diverse talent.

Use Talent Fuel Partners

With so many agencies for TF partners, we can give you a well needed agency boost and increase your reach to help you fill roles in quicker time and get to those hard to fill roles.

Streamlined Communication

With Talent Fuel, all outside and internal communication is under one roof with discussions attached to each candidate profile allowing you to keep everything organised, all with live time email notifications.

Agency & Finance Management

Talent Fuel keeps it simple. One set of terms for all agencies and companies, Talent Fuel handles all negotiating, all billing and pay outs are managed by Talent Fuel to ensure you receive admin from one place, in one format from one vendor.

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